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Peace of Soul Masthead - Connecting the globe by bringing harmony and balance while aiding others in finding Peace of Soul

Welcome to Peace of Soul!

Peace of Soul is changing somewhat and so keep checking in to see new updates.

Runescopes will be updated monthly and so take a look for the forcast for your sign and again keep checking in for exciting new articles and features that we're sure you'll find both informative and entertaining.

The only distance is that which we create.

Peace and blessings: the Peace of Soul Team.

Click here to listen to Matty's interview on Radio station CIUT. CIUT is a listener-supported radio station associated with the University of Toronto.

Here you can learn more about us and yourself. We offer several different services including, Personal Touch Reading, Reflexology, and Wu Li Tao (a technique unique to Peace of Soul Enterprises) Peace of Soul Enterprises holds to the philosophy that we are all one: connected at some level. Our motto is: The only distance is that which we create!

Human kind is a beautiful mosaic. We hold to the philosophy that all races are part of one race and that we should try to honor our differences. By doing that we will perhaps find a common ground and maybe some of the violent and aggressive violation of others would subside. We are all connected to the moon, the stars and to the universe. Individual notes make up chords which can be used to create the most beautiful song. If you like, we are all aspects of the Divine as we are a part of it.

It appears that we have all buried this knowledge deep within us and it is our goal at Peace of Soul Enterprises to perhaps restore that knowledge: first within ourselves and then elsewhere. Human kind is not the measure of all things nor is anyone an island but one supports the other and this is why this site exists. It is my hope that even if you don't necessarily believe in the services offered by Peace of soul Enterprises, you will either be entertained or perhaps find one thing that you can hold on to to help you on your own journey. As Gary Zukav says in his book, The Seat of the Soul, "There are many ways to the human heart."

This site is my way of sharing the impersonal universal truth that I've personalized for myself and perhaps it'll help you to find your own path: your own way home. Thank you for showing an interest in Peace of Soul Enterprises!


The following placements of the elements follows the Wiccan traditions. It should be understood that other traditions may have the elements ruling in a different direction.

Earth: This element is found in the north. To the Celts and to witches, north is the place of magic, mystery and knowledge. It is the place of prosperity.

Air: It's place is in the east. The east is where the sun rises in the northern hemisphere and hence it is the place of clarity. It is concerned with the mind and is masculine in nature.

Fire: Fires place is in the south and it is concerned with love and passion. It is the archetypal patterning of fire that created the world and it is the same fire that will cleanse the old and create the new world.

Water: Its place is in the west. It is concerned with both life and death; life because most weather systems that bring rain come from the west in the northern hemisphere. Death because the sun sets: cycling back to rise again: heralding a new day.

There is a 5th point that points upward and it represents the quintessence or spirit. This is the life-force that nourishes all things. All of the elements and the quintessence are surrounded by a circle: making up the pentacle. This symbol is an ancient one and symbolizes the unification of all things. The circle symbolizes the universe or (to borrow a word coined by Edred Thorson in his book- A Handbook of Rune Magic) the multiverses.

A Short Blessing

The ancient ones are calling your name: can you hear them call to thee? "Let your heart be open to the mysteries nature speaks?" The sun shines brightly: heralding the day! May your heart be opened to renewal of trust and faith. Sing and make a joyful sound while you open to the cosmic song- your feet planted firmly in the ground and find your heart is strong! Blessed be!

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