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Wu Li Tao - an Introduction

Balance and harmony!

The words "Wu Li" are Chinese. Wu Li, in the context we are concerned with here, means patterns of organic energy. If one were to discuss the study of physics within the boarders of China then they would use the words "Wu Li". The word "Tao" means either the characteristic or the way. It is us working along side or in tandem with the universal force. If you wish to personalize it then Wu Li Tao is us working in tandem with Christ-consciousness/the god/goddess/spirit guides etc.

It works on the principle that everything is made up of vibrating energy - that everything follows specific patterns. This of course includes you and I. It also works on the principle that everything is connected. Deepak Chopra, a well known author and endocrinologist, has said that the world is a field of vibrating intelligence and that we are part of this field of information.

Wu Li Tao operates on the same principle and this allows the practitioner to have a dialogue with their client even if on a subconscious level. In more spiritual terms, Wu Li Tao is the life-giving spirit, of which we are all a part and of which we all partake of, flowing from a trained practitioner through specific channels in to a client in order to aid in the restorative process.

Wu Li Tao, like any other natural, non-invasive healing therapy, is not a cure-all but it can facilitate the healing process! It is a good way to relieve stress that has accumulated after a hard day on the job. It can also work in tandem with more conventional methods of healing: perhaps speeding up the recovery time. It should be stated here that some conditions do not develop over night so it is likely that more than one session will be required in order to gain noticeable results.

When you receive a Wu Li Tao treatment, You may not feel very much at all. Some have described the sensation of the energies of Wu Li Tao as earthy while others have said that they feel as though the energy was swirling around and through them. 98% of individuals treated thus far have experienced a relaxed state of consciousness. They experienced a state of harmonious union within the self.

Wu Li Tao is Gentle

Even though some of the experiences had by others have been intense ones, they are intense because of the gentle touch of Wu Li Tao. There have been some people who have had visions while receiving a session and perhaps this is because they are more relaxed than usual which can open you up to spiritual experiences. It is in the silence where much can be learned and it is in stillness that restorative processes can better occur. A trained practitioner will make every attempt to be sure that a client feels comfortable and safe.

What Happens?

When you enter a Wu Li Tao practitioners practice space, a health history will be taken. This will take but a few minutes after which, all you need do is lie down on the table and relax!

How does it work?

As stated earlier, the words, Wu Li Tao, mean patterns of organic energy working in tandem with the divine/universal force/God/Christ etc. The inexplicable life force permeates all things and when we are opened to it, we can work with this "universal force" aiding others in their healing process.

Wu Li Tao does not involve very much massage at all. Universal Life Force is projected directly in to a client's body. It is at the end of a session when a very gentle massage is given. The practitioner can help the energy move toward a blockage that he/she might feel. The treatment consists of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual alignments (for those less spiritually inclined, a super-conscious alignment). The chakras are regulated so that they vibrate in unison. At the end of a session, the client receives a very light massage. This can be a most enjoyable part of a session especially if the client is under a lot of stress! The technique is designed not to jar or disturb the client at all so if you receive a Wu Li Tao treatment and fall asleep, you need not worry about being awakened quickly.

How long does it take?

A Wu Li Tao session takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, including the health history which is only done once in great detail. Otherwise, a session lasts about an hour. After your treatment, you will feel perhaps a little lighter or perhaps just a little more relaxed. What you will be experiencing if you receive a session is the beneficent and loving forces of the universe/God etc!

Can I learn to work with Wu Li Tao?

Anyone can practice the medicine of The Great Tao! All you need is a motivated and loving spirit! Courses are available through Peace of Soul Enterprises!

For more information, call Matty at Peace of Soul Enterprises 1-416-699-4111
or e-mail him

*It is recommended that if you are consulting a physician that you continue to follow the advice they give as this can also aid in the restorative process. Peace of Soul Enterprises is not liable if this recommendation is not followed.

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