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The Tome of Whispered Knowledge
Copyright 2000 by Peace of Soul Enterprises

Section One: The Secrets Everyone Knows

1. If you go to the land of the fairies, you will see an old woman who will teach you the song of the rocks and trees. She will teach you how to weave charms beyond understanding. Her knowledge is serene: her ways are secret. If you go to the land of the fairies, you will meet an old woman who will give you the gift of magic and lore. She will teach you the runes and let you look in to her cauldron: there, you will see forms take shape in the clear void filled with nothing. If you go to the dwelling of the fairies, you will talk with an old woman who will show you that she is a reflection of your own soul: strong and wise.

2. The river is wide and the water there is cool and refreshing. Its song is a melody from ancient times. It sings of evolution, it sings of that which is as pure as dream. It tells the story of days of old: stories told in ancient tongues. An oracle is hidden in the heart of the river: drink the water there and learn it well. Though the stream may beat against you, dive beneath and follow the current below the tempestuous storm. Let all that has passed be lost in the waters of perpetual healing. Release the pain of yesterday and do not reach out for the pain of tomorrow for then, the song of the river will go unnoticed and the moon may languish over you.

3. Not so long ago, I talked with a firefly. I asked her, "Why is it that you are so small yet your light is so bright?" She answered me, "Why is it that you are so tall yet so dim is your light?" I sat and pondered and became little: like a child again.

4. In the womb of creation, there is nothing. In the heart of the arrogant there is not room for anything.

5. Can you remember long ago, the circle of magic? Do you recall the song of the summer wind? Can you recall the golden sayings of the sages: lost in the mists of time? Do you remember the hands of the creator as he formed you in the place of silence where nothing makes its home? Do you still hear voices in the thunderstorm: voices speaking their eternal secrets to the wise? All listen to them but only children hear and understand the mysteries uttered by the ancient masters.

6. One day, two men were talking. One said, "When I was born, I fell in to the world like an autumn leaf". The other spoke saying, "When my mother gave birth to me, I came in to the world like a shooting star". Now it just so happened that a child sat near by and overheard the two men as they talked together. The child looked up from the sand in which he was playing and said, "I never left it".

7. Those who do not heed wisdom have no knowledge but those who heed her voice know all things.

8. The main corpus of knowledge is summed up in one word: if you can find it out, you will gain great wealth.

9. Once upon a time their lived a genie who had great power. He could cause the rain to fall from the sky and he could turn out starlight. One day, a man fell ill. At the point of death, He called upon the genie for help. The genie came to him and spoke his incantations and beat his drums but still the man remained ill. The genie called upon all of his powers and used all of the magic that he knew but still, the man remained ill. Now it just so happened that a peasant girl past by that way and noticed the genie and the sick man. She bade the genie stop his noise and when all was silent, she touched the sick man and stroked his brow. Immediately, the man got up and went about his business.

10. A straight line not defined will lead you back to where you came from but defined spaces are a thorn to those who find them.

11. A defined boundary is a good thing: those who do not erect one will languish.

12. The gift of knowledge is given to all but blessed is the one who receives it in his heart.

13. One day, an aged man ridden with anxiety went to see the Oracle of the land. When he arrived there he was tired and famished from his long and arduous journey. He said to the Oracle, "My journey has been a long one and I am tired and famished".The aged man went on to ask his question. "I am an old man and I soon shall die. My life is near an end, what shall I do"? The Oracle answered and said the following words to the aged man. "In the field flowers grow: between the banks, the river flows. On the land you've walked to and frow and many things you surely know. Now pay heed to what I say and aged man you'll see brighter days. Be still". The old man left the crystal cave of the Oracle laughing. He lived for many years passing the message of the Oracle to all he met. The old man died laughing: full of wisdom and full of years.

14. In the quiet places of the soul are springs of hidden joy and knowledge: one with wisdom can lead one who is filled with wrath there.

15. The wizard asked his pupils, "What has infinite possibility? Of what are all things made of"? A student who spoke little answered the wizard, "Nothing". The wizard smiled and said, Well done. Now, tell me, what is nothing that can be formed in to anything"? The student thought a moment and gave his answer. "Nothing". The wizard smiled and said, "No. Clay". After saying these words, the wizard gave his disciples a lump of clay and said, "form it, shape it mold it and call it Life!"

16. A young man, learned in all spiritual literature was talking with a child. He said, "where there is darkness, there can be no light". The child looked puzzled and answered the scholar. "Where there is Light, there can be no darkness". The scholar renounced his studies and lived a simple life: loving those near and far.

17. One summer night, a young maiden went to see the queen of the witches. The maiden was in great distress and when she arrived at the witches' castle she fell on the witches knees crying. "O, queen, live forever. My trouble is more than I can bear: my heart is heavy because of my peril". The queen of the witches was filled with concern and asked what the trouble was. The maiden answered between sobs. "Ever since I was a little child, I have tried hard to learn the ways of magic and have not yet learned them. My brothers and sisters laugh me to scorn because I cannot cast a spell that will work for me. O, queen will you help me"? At once the witch was no longer concerned."Yes, I will help you but you must do all that I tell you". "I will", said the maiden. The witch continued. "Go out in to the forest and bring me the branch of an ash tree and some hollow alderwood shoots". The maiden agreed and left the castle. She went in to the forest and when she got there, she met a wild bear. "O, wild bear", she cried. "I am sent here by the queen of the witches to fetch the branch of an ash tree and some hollow alder shoots please, do not eat me". The bear snarled and bared his teeth. Who is the queen of the witches that I should listen to her"! The maiden tried to flee from the bear but he caught her and would not let her go. The maiden reached up over her head and pulled a branch from an ash tree that grew near by. As she pulled the branch off of the tree, the tip of it touched the bear and he let go of her and fell to the ground. The maiden walked a little further until she found a pile of dried aldershoots. She made a small flute out of some of them and put the rest in her bag to be given to the queen of the witches. The maiden soon fell asleep but was awakened by the blowing of a cold wind. She cried out as the wind stung her body with cold. "O, cold wind from beyond the starry hosts, do not hurt me for I am sent by the queen of the witches to bring her what she asked of me". The wind answered her and said, "What have I to do with the queen of the Witches! I will freeze you and bring you to my home where you will become my wife"! The maiden was stricken with terror as the cold wind blew upon her. She reached for her flute thinking, "I will play one more song for the summer wind before I am taken away to the land of eternal cold". As she played, the cold wind began to weaken and soon it was no more. After a while, the summer wind began to blow: gently caressing the maidens golden hair.

When the maiden returned to the castle of the queen, her heart was filled with gladness. "Why ar you happy little maiden", the witch asked? The maiden told the queen all that had happened to her and the witch asked, "When you touched the bear with the ash branch, did you try very hard to work your magic? "No, said the maiden. When you played your flute as the cold wind blew upon you, did you travail with great pains to conjure the way of magic from within?" "No", said the maiden. The witch took the ash branch, the alder wood shoots and a golden crown. Giving them to the maiden she said, "go home and rule your land with wisdom and understanding." The maiden began to walk toward home but soon, she became tired. She took her ash wand and waved it in all four directions. Then, she took her alderwood flute and played it softly as the Summer wind carried her home to her palace.

18. When a forest fire burns up the forest floor new growth is promoted. Whoever gains this understanding will not sorrow greatly in life.

19. One day, a poor sojourner was talking with a great master in the land. He said, "Master, you teach that there is a realm filled with undiluted potential. You call this "undiluted possibility Nothing. If we call nothing Nothing, have we not created something"? "Well said", said the master "now go your way and create a new reality". The man went home and became a king. He ruled his people in a spirit of peace: with his great wisdom, he gained great wealth. People from far away lands came to see him because of his great knowledge and understanding.

20. One night, a chief sat in his teepee with some of the members of his clan. The night was still. There was no sound to be heard outside not even a cricket. Inside the teepee however, an argument insued between two of the clan members. One of them said to the chief, "Old Wild eagle, will you resolve this dispute between my brother and I"? The chief thought for a moment and then he spoke. "Yes, I will help you but only on one condition and that is that you answer a question for me". "What is it", one of the members asked? "Tell me", asked the chief, What is the song that the Creator sings to, through and in all things"? Noone spoke a word but sat in silence. After a few moments, they became aware of the silence in the present moment. They were all filled with awe and the trouble between the two brothers was forever resolved.

21. What the heart does not speak out of the mouth it hides in silence. Those who are skilled can find it out.

22. All beings possess power but few there are who can use it correctly: fewer still who know that it is a gift.

23. A long time ago, in a far off land there lived a prince. He wanted, more than anything, to have a wife. One day as he was walking throughout the castle courtyards, his eyes fell upon a beautiful princess from a distant land. Immediately, he was smitten with love and longing for the young maiden. It just so happened that the princess was to stay there for a long time so the prince tried many things in order to catch her eye but to his chagrin, nothing he did was successful. One day as he was sitting by the fountain of wishes, he was filled with inspiration. He taussed a piece of gold in to the waters and said, "Waters that satisfy the desires of men give me the maiden: my princess to wed". He was filled with great joy when not much later, the princess came and talked with him. Many months passed and it was agreed that the two should be married and so it was. The prince and princess were married but soon after, the princess' demeanor began to change from sweet to bitter. She began to work black magic upon the house of the good king and she constantly complained to the prince about everything. The prince was filled with great sorrow because of the maiden so he returned to the fountain of wishes filled with indignation and said, "Fountain fountain hear me well. Why did you send me a maiden from hell"? The fountain replied, "Prince Prince o, son of the king, I only gave you what you asked of me. You did not ask for wisdom or for my advice, if you had I'd have told you of her evil device. You got what you wished for, a maiden and more: a woman of terror who makes the heart sore. Please my fare friend, listen to me and I will show you how to be free. Fetch honeysuckle and the wings of a bee. Bring them back and give them to me". The prince did as he was asked. When he gave them to the fountain it spoke and said, "Prince prince, listen to me for a much needed lesson I shall teach thee. Be careful my friend of what you ask of me. I surely grant what the heart desires but few consider that it may burn them like fire". With that, the fountain spouted water, causing the honeysuckle and the bee's wings to be cast in to the air. When the prince returned home, he found the maiden quite repentant of her ways. Though the presence of the maiden was a constant reminder to the prince of his folly, they lived happily ever after and when the prince became king of the land, he never asked the fountain for any wishes to be granted him save one. He asked for great wisdom in order to make wise decisions whilst he ruled his people.

24. One day, a young child was playing beneath the summer sun. He noticed beside him, as it were, a phantom. He noticed that the phantom did everything that he did. The little boy began to play with the phantom. He spoke to it but it would not answer him. No matter how he tried, he could not coax any speech from this strange creature. Soon, he decided that he would give up talking to the phantom and he said, "I know, let's play follow the leader!" Of course, he received no answer to his invitation at all. He did not give up on his new friend but proceeded to jump in the air. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the phantom do exactly as he. What made the little boy even more interested was the fact that the ghost did everything that he did. The boy would wave his hand and likewise the phantom also waved his hand. If the boy kicked the air so did the ghost.

Later on, the little boy said to the ghost, "Why don't you do something first this time and I'll follow you." The boy waited for a few minutes but still the ghost did nothing but stand right where it was. They stood motionless beneath the sun until the boy decided to scratch his face. As he picked up his hand so did the ghost. Needless to say, the little boy was intrigued but after a while, he became angry with the ghost for mimicking him. He kicked at the ghost and it to, kicked at something. He raised his hands to strike at the phantom but the phantom also raised its hands to strike.

Finally, the little boy began to cry. "You look stupid kicking the air and striking out the way you do: you silly ghost!" The boy yelled so loud that his mother hearing the noise came outside from the kitchen where she was baking. She asked the boy what was wrong and he told her about the phantom with whom he'd been playing. The little boy jumped with a start saying, "Mommy, behind you also there is a ghost!" The child's mother looked and said, "Watch and learn a great lesson my son." With that, she reached out to touch a nearby oak tree and her phantom did the same. She then did a number of things of which her phantom did likewise. The boy was stunned and after a while his mother spoke.

"My son, My son, this ghost is your greatest friend. When it appears it is because of the presence of light. It doesn't show itself unless there is light. It will do what ever you do little one. Do you remember when you kicked at it and it also kicked?" "Yes, Said the little boy. "You thought that it looked silly kicking at the air didn't you?" "Yes, the boy said again puzzled at such a query. His mother continued talking. "This ghost is one of your greatest teachers for he is a silent one; walk in the light: watch him and learn." With that, she hugged her little boy. The little boy followed her glance and behold, two ghosts were hugging one another.

25. One day, a disciple was talking with his master. "Master, I feel that I cannot find freedom"! The master listened intently to his student. The disciple continued. "I've tried hard to restore the wonder and awe of childhood in my life and the more I try, the less I find myself seeing all things as new! I wish o, Master that I could go back to my childhood: those days were the summer of my life"! The master looked at his disciple and said, "O, my son, You are trying so hard to find freedom but you become more entangled. It is because you keep striving to see all things as new. Be still. Stop trying to see things as knew and just accept that they are perpetually being renewed through the cycle of life, death and new life: learn from the apple tree. Listen my son and I will teach you what I have learned about the ways of nature which I've learned from the four winds and the creator. When farmers sew the fields with cead, they must till the soil then, they fertilize. They water the cead and wait. The cead grows up in to a beautiful giant and then it dies. Later, its cead returns and once more becomes a great giant: ruling the forest with renewed strength. All things have their season, don't try and push the waters, they cannot be forced: knowing this, be free". The disciple grew old understanding the ways of nature and her seasons. He became a great master and taught his disciples to love,, learn and live in the present season. When he died, he died respected by all.

26. Birch is used for the backs of thieves but it can take away an ache in the joints.

27. One is the mother of all things, without her are no things.

28. One day, in the ancient forests of yore, their lived an aboriginal tribe. Now it so happened that that tribe was ruled by Gentle Bear: one of the bravest, strongest and wisest chiefs in those ancient parts. One day, their arose a dispute among some of the tribe members as to who was the most important to Gentle bear. "I am the most important because I hold his quiver for him"! You hold his quiver but I hold his shield"! All of you no nothing at all. You hold his quiver and you his shield but I hold the sacred flint with which to light the sacred fires". Now it just so happened that Gentle Bear came very near to where they were sitting. Noone heard him for he drew near with the steps of a wildcat stalking its prey. When he spoke, his voice was soft: all were stunned in to silence. "Tell me, if the trees were gone away, would the wind be able to sing its song in its fullness? If their were no rocks in the babbling brook, would it tell you the same story as it does now? If there were no more clouds, would the thunder be able to speak its ancient words to the forest floor in the same way"? The dispute was silenced and all of the members of the tribe, from that day onwards, lived as one people: understanding the importance of everyone and all things.

29. One day, a youth sat talking with the divine. He said, "I will buy a farm and raise cattle. I will build fences around it and put big barns within it. I will have enough grain to share with the poor of the land and will give the meat from my cattle to those who are not as fortunate as I will be. I will first work so as I can make enough money to by my farm and then, when I get the money I will buy my farm and put some away to collect interest and I will give the interest to the poor. Now the divine was pleased with the youth and said, "Well done, you've put a lot of thought in to your plans"! A few months later, the youth was walking through the streets of his city and met a great teacher in the land. He talked with the teacher who told him that "to listen to spirit and to live a life of contemplation would be better for him than to be in the world".

Now the youth took the words of the teacher to heart and became a monk. One day, he sat in his cell talking to the divine and said, "I will live a life of contemplation and will pray for the poor that you might aid them and keep them safe from harm. I will give the little I have in order that they might have something to eat and drink that they might be nourished. Again, the divine was well pleased with the youth. "Well done, you have spent much time contemplating and planning. I am well pleased!

Now, it just so happened that one of the elders came to the youth and said, "You are still young. My son, you are not bound by your vows for the divine has told me that your time here is complete. Take your things along with a present from the elders and go in peace". Needless to say, the youth was distraught but did as he was bidden by the elder. He took his things and left the monastery sad and forlorn.

He sat in a field all alone and wept: talking to the divine. "I've done nothing with my life at all. I know o; holy master that you are not pleased with me for my life has been a waste of breath and words! "No, my son, said the divine, "but you did learn a valuable lesson didn't you?" "Yes", said the youth. "What is that, asked the divine? "I learned that to plan is divine but to say that I will do this or that is error".

"Well said, said the divine. "Now, go your way, plan for the future, live in the moment". The youth went home and found that a relative of great wealth had left him a farm with cattle and grain. He found a beautiful damsel and meried her. Both of them lived happily, sharing all that they had with everyone. The youth no longer had such intercourse with the creator but always saw and heard the song of the creator in all things. Everyone who met the youth and his bride were forever changed and the presence of the divine was with them as an eternal gift.

30. Once, a little child stood watching his father as he was dying. He said to his father, "Father, I will never see you again because you are dying!" The father beckoned his son to draw near to him and weakly he said, "My son, I am not dying, I am moving to a new and better land!" The son was silent but his father knew that he was uncertain of his words. After his father died, the child began to make his way home and as he walked, he passed by a river. As he crossed the bridge over the river, he looked down and for an instant, he saw his reflection in the waters below. As he looked, he thought of the days when his father used to take him in to the forest and tell him about the birds and trees that lived their.

As he listened to the rushing waters below, he heard his father's voice calling his name from a distance. He began to walk slowly toward his house and as he walked through a small wooded area, a wind began to blow and again he heard his father calling his name. Now it just so happened that the little boy was hungry and as the wind blew, it shook an apple tree so that an apple fell in to the little boy's hands. Of course, he ate the apple and continued on his way home.

As he neared his house, he saw the tree which his father used to climb with him and there he stood sobbing. After he had finished his weeping he looked up and saw a bird sitting on the highest branch and as he noticed it, he again thought of his father who had passed on. As the bird sang, it was as if his father were again calling his name. The little boy went inside his house where his mother sat weaving and again, he thought of his father. He went up to his room and lay down on his bed and fell asleep and dreamed about his father. In his dream his father was climbing the giant tree in the yard and calling him. "My son, my son!" When the boy did not come out to play, his father came and took his hand and said- "My son, play with me! Be like the water, be like the wind and fly like a bird"! With that, the little boy woke up and still feeling the warmth of his fathers hand, he went outside and played with the wind and it were as though he could hear his fathers voice calling his name on the gentle summer breeze.

31. Once, in an ancient land, there lived a great master. One of his disciples wanted so badly to learn to be like him and he prodded his master daily to teach him more than the other disciples. "Very well," said the master and nothing more was said for a short season about this matter. One day the disciple came to the master holding a tattered garment he had made. "Master, Master, I've learned to tailor through the arts of meditation! Do you see my new clothes that I have made?" "Yes," said the master, "they will serve you well. Put them on and show the king and queen your garments!" The disciple did as the master said and when he stood before the king and queen, they did nothing more than laugh at the disciple and his clothes. The disciple was filled with sorrow and soon, sorrow turned to wrath and he went and learned from the tailor the art of garment making. He made himself clothes fit for a king but hid them in a secret place. Later, the same disciple went to his master saying, "Through the arts of meditation, I have written a poem that will make the heart skip a beat. The master listened as his student read his poem and then he said, "Such a poem will indeed be the conduit through which you will learn how to be a great and self reliant master when I am gone. Go, read it to the king and queen and as before, the disciple did as his master suggested. As he stood before the king and queen, they began to laugh at him and as he read on, their laughter became hysterical: so much so that they fell off their thrones. The disciple left their presence saddened and deeply hurt because the king and queen laughed at his efforts to please them. He went home and learned the art of word play from a scribe and after a while he wrote a poem and placed it in a secret place where it would be safe. He went to his master and said, Master, Once I came to you with the garments that I had made and you told me that they were good. "No," said the master. "I said that they would serve you well." "very well," said the disciple, "but you did say that my poem was good!" "No, said the master, "I said that it would teach you how to be a self reliant master when I am gone!" The disciple cast his eyes to the floor in grief and a sense of impotence began to overwhelm him but the master spoke tenderly to him. "My son, what did you do when the king laughed at your garments?" After a while, the disciple answered quietly. "I learned from the tailor how to make better ones." The master spoke again. "And what did you do after the king and queen laughed at your poem?" The disciple answered. "I learned from the scribe the art of word-play and wrote another."

The master spoke. "Bring the new clothes and the poem to me." The disciple did as he was asked but he was not ready for his master's astonishment. "My son, these garments, you made them?" "Yes," said the disciple. The master put on the garments and said, "where is the poem?" The disciple gave him the scroll and the master read to himself and as he read, a tear of joy fell down his cheek. After he had composed himself, the master said the following.

"Tell me, what lesson did you learn from all that you have been through?" The disciple smiled and spoke. "My master! I have learned that to rely on the wisdom of others makes one truly self relient for all are an extention of the same body: all are one. No man is an island." The master was filled with great joy and took his disciple along with the poem and the garments to the king and queen and said to them - "Their was once a little prince who wanted nothing more but to please the ruler of his land. He made cloths for them and sang them songs but when they heard the song and saw the clothes, they were smitten with laughter and discussed at the little prince. Tell me, did they do what was right?" Now the king and queen had forgotten the disciple and answered quickly. "No! Perhaps the gods would punish them! Perhaps the little prince was as pure as dream and in inoscence he tried to please his rulers." The master read them the poem and they wept bitterly because the words were so sweet. The queen, after composing herself said, "Who wrote that poem? I will make that one a ruler over all of the scribes in this domain. That one will eat at my table and they will mary the farest in the land!" Then the master showed them the garments and the king said, "The one who made these garments will be heir to the throne! He will be as my own son!" Then, the master brought the disciple forward and when the king and queen recognized him, the nearly fainted for shock. The master said, "This is the little prince and you are the king and queen who laughed him to scorn because of his efforts to please you but do not fear. You will not be punished." Turning to the king he said, "behold, your son." Turning to the queen he said, "Behold, the ruler of your scribes and husband of your farest daughter." The disciple maried and when the king and queen passed on, both he and his wife ruled those parts and won many victories for the land. The king gave gifts to all especially to the poor. There was no want for anyone as long as the disciple and his wife ruled.

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