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A Brief History

What Are Readings?

Listen to Soul Watch this month as Matt Zenon interviews Father Jim Rosselli. Father Jim is a Chaplain in the U.S. Army, a demonologist of sorts and is an Orthodox priest. You will find the interview fascinating as Matt Zenon probes him on a variety of issues ranging from the demonic, magic and his own belief structure. He hails from La Port, Indiana. You will be entertained.

Check in during the month of April to hear Matt Zenon's interview with Tara Green, Tarot reader extraordinaire. Tara Green hails from Toronto Canada and is well versed in the art of Tarot reading. Hear Tara give a reading on the geo-political climate as well as touching on possible weather patterns and other world events. Click here to listen to CPOS: Canada's premier online new-age talk radio magazine.

What are Runescopes?

A runescope is similar to a horoscope in the respect that all 12 signs are touched on. The difference is that a rune or series of runes is designated to each sign when the lot is cast as opposed to where the planets are in the sky at a particular time. There isn't any math involved in casting a runescope and this is why I love to cast them as much as I do.

For our purposes, I've chosen to make use of the rune cards and the particular deck I've chosen reflects the more ancient runes in the pictures. For those of you skilled at reading the runes, you will notice that for the runes that have no reversed meaning, one has been assigned and this is quite efficacious where a one-rune spread is of concern and this is the case for the runescopes seen here.

For a more in-depth runescope contact Matty at matty@peaceofsoul.com In-depth runescopes are $13.99US and will be e-mailed back to you within 2/7 business days. All sails are final. Personal touch readings are available Monday through Friday from 8 P.M. to 11 P.M. Est.

Runescopes: For January 2011

For entertainment Purposes only

I’d like to apologize for the runescopes being late. Due to the holidays and such it was difficult to get them done but here they are for your enjoyment: peace and blessings to one and all.
In this month’s runescopes I will be touching on the whole year: giving you a kind of bird’s eye view of things from the perspective of the runes.

Click one of the following for your Runescope:


image of aries

ARIES: Your rune for the month and year is Thurisaz: the rune of active defense and of gateways.

On a whole it appears that you are headed for interesting things this year as new opportunities come in to your sphere: opportunities for growth and expansion.

The rune card came up in the reversed and that simply informs you that the beginning of the year may prove somewhat turbulent but take heart: such turbulence usually occurs before new seeds can be planted. The earth is tilled and then seed is sewed.

It seems that if an enterprise is of concern, the starting of a new enterprise then hasty movement is not necessarily wise. There are obstacles to overcome and through patient perseverance you will come out ahead.

The turbulence I spoke of will likely last until March: April at the latest but after that your ride should be a little less bumpy.

All in all this year is one filled with transitions and transformations: you entering many different fazes of life.

At the end of it all you will find yourself living a much different life. My sense is that come December you should have already experienced a major shift in some regard: a breakthrough of sorts so be encouraged. It actually looks like your journey will be an interesting one this year as you grow as you should.
image of taurus

TAURUS: Your rune for the month and year is Eiwaz: the rune of life or death and of crossroads.

It has appeared right side up but no matter because it has no reversed meaning.

This month of January is the beginning of the rest of your life as you experience what it is like to have what you did not have in the past: new enterprises prosper this year so fasten your seatbelt for an interesting ride.

Since this is the rune of crossroads you will have a lot of choices open for you: choices that you should make carefully.

Stay centered and focused because that will give you clarity and strength as you progress.

I’m not suggesting that it’ll be a rough year because I honestly don’t think it will be rough unless you will it so.

You see, this year you are learning all about the power of words and desire: how they can affect your sphere and so be careful what you wish for and be careful of what you say.

Remember that old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say: don’t say anything at all.”

Keeping this in mind this rune points to the power our words can have on not only our sphere but on others as well.

There will be some kind of breakthrough at around mid summer or perhaps in to August: a breakthrough that will bring you great joy. You are likely to start seeing more financial gains even in January but I would say that by March or April things should start looking much better in the realms of finances which in turn will affect other aspects of your life.

All in all it looks like your year is packed full of activities and opportunities that will be quite beneficial to you.

image of gemini

GEMINI: Your rune for the month is Wunjo: the rune of joy, light and brotherly kindness.

It has come up right side up for you but just as a sidebar, if you do experience difficulties this year you will be able to find support to help you on your way.

That said, this year looks like one in which you will find satisfaction and comfort.

This rune seems to be pointing to a kind of community building effort on your part.

You will enjoy the communion that comes with good friendships and new friendships can be a result of chance meetings even if business related.

Wunjo offers you its light throughout the year and so pay attention to the wisdom offered you by elders and others wiser than yourself.

June is the beginning of summer and it is at that time when work loads may seem to intensify for some: leaving you feeling somewhat oppressed but that cycle won’t last that long. It seems to clear up in July.

It is in October that my sense is you will have some obstacle to overcome but remember that light burning: Wunjo holds up the lantern so as you can see clearly.

November and December seem to offer you a smooth sail in to January of next year.

Enjoy your year as the brotherly kindness of the Divine shines down upon you this year and remember to share the joy that comes with others.

My sense is that a few people within your sphere might need a word of kindness from you: a word that could change their lives forever and for the better.

image of cancer

CANCER: Your rune for the month is Perthro and it has appeared right side up for you.

This is the rune of initiations and as such it points to an interesting year. It seems to me that you are likely to begin lots of new projects and/or you will experience lots of new beginnings during 2011.

It seems that you start off on a good footing and continue on in that pattern throughout the year or at least this is the opportunity being offered you.

Since the rune has come up in the right side up position you have good reason to be glad as most things seem to work out the way they ought.

The trouble is that in working themselves out in the way they ought, the process is what you may find frustrating but try and keep the bigger picture in mind and you will not smart much at all.

This is a huge rune with huge power since it is concerned with initiations because some initiations can bring a little discomfort but again take heart because my sense is that you will pull through: shining like the sun when it’s all said and done.

For some odd reason I think December will be a crucial point for you: perhaps you will reach a kind of crossroad?

Whatever it is there is some decision that you will need to make and so weigh it carefully.

In conclusion, you are being reminded this year that you are always at the beginning: you can always start over if you muck it up.

This happens when you can live in each moment and so keeping this in mind you are being reminded that we are always on the path of initiation since each moment is a new one.

image of leo

LEO: Your rune for the month and year is Ansuz: the rune of signals in Ralph Bloom’s book of runes and the rune of the unconscious.

It has come up in the reversed but don’t let that dismay you. My feeling is that you are likely to either be quite busy at work or be engaged in a variety of activities that will make it harder than you’re used to in terms of finding the time to look after your own self.

Ansuz is the rune of the unconscious and as such this year you are being offered the opportunity to finally do away with unconscious patterns that may have stunted your growth.

As the rune of signals this rune is asking that you try and find the time to rest and repair which may entail you saying no to some of the requests of others.

You can freely learn from others who do not take the time to mind they’re own selves through perhaps burning the candle at both ends: why experience it yourself?

This will be a year packed full of opportunities and to be sure if you take advantage of these opportunities you will do well: not being required to go for another round about the block so to speak. It is when we are still that we can hear the Divine music emanating not only from ourselves but from everywhere and it is that Divine music that can be healing to us if we allow it. Keeping this in mind my sense is that come the middle of the year you may experience a lull in activity: a kind of reprieve from perhaps somewhat overwhelming aspects of your journey. December is when I feel you will experience the end of this period of growth: looking forward to yet another year of mysterious favors from the realms of beneficent forces.

image of virgo

VIRGO: Your rune for the month is Tiwaz the warrior rune.

Troubles? Yep: quite possibly but since the rune has appeared right side up I wouldn't fret it too much. Besides my sense is that your troubles are more internal rather than external: you have tough decisions to make or you're trying to quit a bad habit.

Even if you experience more external difficulties you will overcome them through skillful means and keep in mind that foresight is one of the hallmarks of wisdom.

Tiwaz offers you its strength this month as well as the ability to focus on a desired outcome and a good chance you will finally succeed: aim and hit a bull's eye.

It seems to me that pretty well whatever you do this month you will be successful: be careful and be sure you won't regret any actions taken. This rune is asking you an interesting question. "When you lean against a wall are you holding it up or is it holding you up?" When you find the answer to that question your journey will be much easier this month.

image of virgo

LIBRA: Your rune for the month and year is Kenaz: the rune of openings and human achievement.

January looks like a good place to begin and so it is with you: you are reminded here that you are capable of beginning anew. Kenaz has come up right side up and as such speaks to a positive month and year in fact.

February is likely to be full of frenzied activity what with new opportunities at work or in business. That frenzied atmosphere will spill over in to March and April: May being a month in which you will begin to reap the fruits of your labors.

Rapid growth seems to be the case for you this year especially at the beginning of the year. June and July seem somewhat even keel till mid to late July and after that you seem to be quite busy achieving your goals.

It seems to me that you are busy all the way through December and to be sure even if you do experience a somewhat frenzied year you are happy with your new situation that seems to be coming in to affect. As a rule, this rune has associations with fire and so difficulties cannot be ruled out but what is happening is that the old growth is being burned up in order to nourish the new growth: nature’s way of keeping house.

One of your main lessons this year is in focusing your energies toward completion of set goals and so you are being given here the strength to run like a wild deer in the meadow as you gain more self-confidence.

Good work Libra.

image of scorpio

SCORPIO: Your rune for the month is Ingwaz: the rune of fertility.

As such it seems that you are coming in to your own. The seeds sewn in the past have taken root and now begin to sprout.

This month is where it all seems to begin as you experience a kind of new birth: perhaps a new position at work or a new business venture begins to take off for you?

February and March seem to be big months for you as you experience growing pains in some regard: obstacles seem plenteous and you may experience some kind of residual mayhem in April with May being the month where this cycle ends.

June, July and August seem to be somewhat eventful with July and August being the more eventful of those months.

You have an interesting year ahead and in some regard it may seem as if you are on some kind of cosmic roller coaster but roller coaster rides can be quite fun.

Financial gains are likely this year and there is a possibility that some financial difficulties can be resolved.

October seems to be another month in which you experience those things specifically designed to aid Scorpios in their processes of growth and healing but never mind: I think you’ll do fine.

December seems to hold some interesting surprises and how apropos considering that this is the festive season.

These surprises will affect your life quite possibly in huge ways and will spill in to the following year.

image of sagitarius

SAGITTARIUS: Your rune for the month is Uruz: the rune of strength.

My feeling is that you will be put through a kind of boot camp but actually I see that you are enjoying yourself in some regard. The rune came up right side up and as such speaks to the positive aspects of re-patterning and adaptability.

To be sure, you will be put in positions in which you will have little choice but to adapt: new dwelling places and or other similar circumstances sent to aid you on your course.

January seems fairly even-keel but February onward is when things start to pick up.

It seems that you were desirous for changes and your wish has been granted. April, May and June in to July things slow down for you some and in August you seem to get a period of rest and repair.

September and October are fairly busy and like Scorpio it seems that November is a month in which you can begin a kind of new pattern in your life: a new beginning as it were.

December is a kind of big finale to the year with some kind of offer or new position perhaps? Time indeed will tell but my sense is that it’s going to be a big year for you as well.

image of capricorn

CAPRICORN: Your rune for the month is Raidho: the rune of journeys.

Since this rune is right side up the outcome looks quite good for you. This is a year of the journey of your soul as well as possible trips be they business or otherwise. Reconciliations are also likely and they seem to be occurring come the Spring equinox.

January till March seem to be full of activities but I don’t see you overwhelmed at all but on the contrary , you are satisfied with your work and seem to be content. A new cycle begins in March and lasts until July: again perhaps you’re joyful because of the earlier mentioned reconciliations that take place during this period of your journey.

During March or April you may find yourself taking an unexpected trip: a trip that actually has some kind of importance attached to it.

The rest of the year seems to be filled with periods of sporadic activity with intermittent periods of rest: your journey taking you on interesting twists and turns.

You are learning about yourself this year and might find that you are sometimes a little harsh with yourself unnecessarily.

This truly is a year in which you are reflecting on many aspects of your life: questions concerning what you should do with your life and such.

New pathways are open to you this year and with those paths come choices upon choices: you coming in to 2012 a different person than when you came in to 2011.

image of aquarius

AQUARIUS: Your rune for the month is Naudhiz: the constraint rune.

It has come up in the reversed but do not lose heart either because Naudhiz has appeared or because it has come up reversed.

Sometimes there is a need for constraint and some are lucky enough to find themselves constrained: to find their way blocked in some regard.

When you look back you may find yourself grateful for such blockages: perhaps a business deal falls through and you find out later that a potential business partner was not what you believed after all?

Perhaps that partner took their business elsewhere and someone else was left holding the bag: you would be thankful it wasn’t you.

This saying has been mentioned before but I think it fits here to and that is this. Limitations define us and show us a great deal about ourselves but as well as showing us our limitations Naudhiz reminds us that at our core we are limitless and can accomplish what we will: a strange kind of paradox to be sure.

This may well be a year in which things just don’t seem to click when you want them to but they will click: knowing this you can be encouraged to display humor and acceptance.

There is a kind of loop hole in all this and that is that if you stay centered and focused it’s likely you’ll find yourself not as constrained as you would be if you lost your focus and neglected that sacred center of the heart.

In July I feel that something amazing is likely to happen: something that not only enables you to deal with constraint in a way you never thought possible but also the constraints will begin to lesson to some degree.

That loosening of your constraining restraints is gradual and by late October in to November you will notice a huge difference: December being a month in which you may experience a total freedom: you realizing that Naudhiz is a great teacher and ally—not an enemy to be vanquished.

image of pisces

PISCES: Your rune for the month is Berkano: the rune of growth and it has come right side up for you.

You truly are doing a lot of growing and that actually spills out to others in terms of you somehow aiding them to grow: how awesome is that since you’ve wanted that in some regard?

This is the year in which you experience not the devouring mother but rather the life-giving nurturing mother.

There may be issues that you are asked to deal with: issues like being fully naked with a partner. Vulnerability is scary to be sure but when the trust you place in others is honored and respected it makes that rough ride worth it at the end of it all.

My sense is that from January till May you will have plenty to do and that perhaps to the point of frenzy but June seems to be a time of relaxation: of refreshment for yourself.

Finally it seems that you are beginning to integrate your selves and work as one unit: a task that seems to be difficult for you on a whole. The two fish are swimming together upstream but you always did believe in the impossible didn’t you?

Many people are watching you now and keeping this in mind be carefully care free: allowing yourself to be human as you were meant to be.

Actually, it seems quiet from June to September: after that things really start picking up for you in many different aspects of your life journey.

Any opportunities in which you receive some kind of fortune will actually spill in to 2012 and to be sure you will find yourself in a strange place by December as you find yourself working hard: the self united with the Self moving forward toward wholeness.

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