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What Are Readings?

I'll start off by telling you what readings are not! They are not the end all and be all answers to the questions and decisions in your life: everyone is able to change their life course at any time! Nothing is predestined so when you get a reading that sounds like it will give you a bad case of indigestion or heart burn, simply chew the meat and spit out the bones or find a psychic who will show you a little respect and perhaps some compassion. Remember that psychics are human guides and can like others be wrong sometimes!!

Ever since ancient times, many people have been fascinated with the art of divination and many different tools were created for this purpose. ie., in ancient Israel, the high priests would use the urim and thummim (a breast plate with six stones on each side representing the 12 tribes of Israel and possibly the 12 signs of the zodiac) to call on "THE LORD". The Urim and Thummim symbolized light and perfection to the ancient Israelites.

It is said that the Egyptians in the good old days developed Tarot cards. While this is uncertain, we can be sure that we as a culture owe a great deal to them when it comes to divination. The Egyptians of antiquity would play a board game called Cenid. As far as I can tell, it was a kin to Chess or Checkers and was played in order to determine one's path in life or in the under world.

It is stated in THE AWAKENING of OSIRIS that Cenid is a "game of chance and design". Crystal spheres were also used in antiquity for gazing in to the past, present or future. It was said in ancient times that crystal balls were the windows of the Gods and were treated as sacred objects to be revered. People who carved crystal spheres were considered to be highly evolved spiritual people with great wisdom and serene knowledge. When you use a crystal sphere, a deck of cards or any other divining device remember one thing - the power comes from within yourself. All cards and crystals are, are tools. Cards could be looked at as a sort of flash cards (similar to the cards used to teach arithmetic). They simply help you to clue in and open to the universal mind or into the psyche of a friend/relative.

How to Approach a Reading

When you are the recipient of a reading, you will be receiving a lot of confirmations as well as helpful suggestions and answers to your questions. Remember that YOU control your own destiny: you write your own ticket in life by the choices you make or avoid. Enjoy a reading or two once in a while but remember to enter a reading in a spirit of playful curiosity. Then, you may find that you'll learn much about yourself as well as others and perhaps something about the universe in which you live.

How Do You YKow a Good Psychic?

I will steal the words of one of the greatest masters among us; Jesus. He said, "By their fruits you'll know them". Look for someone who is genuine: someone who is compassionate. Most of all, look for someone whose heart is full of love and with whom you can connect. Try not to be too judgmental in your search for the right psychic because that will make your search close to impossible!

Who Can Give Readings?

Anyone is capable of giving readings or of indulging in any of the psychic phenomena of which our universe and the Divine has so bountifully bestowed upon us! Don't let any psychic tell you that you cannot obtain psychic gifts (we all have them and it's a question as to whether we're open to them or not) because it is simply a falsehood and shows their insecurity and fear of losing their power.

All of mankind has been given a good measure of gifts but some have simply forgotten how to use them at a very young age, partially, no doubt because we're all told for example that if we claim to see angels or hear voices after the age of let's say four years of age that we are crazy and need some serious psychiatric intervention as well as heavy drugs to avoid a catastrophic psychotic episode. There are some that have chemical imbalances and there are some that simply need to learn a balance in the use of their gifts and abilities. Those of the latter party simply need to learn discernment and discrimination. Listen to your heart. As one of my brilliant friends so aptly puts it - "Listen to the little voice inside of you, the more you listen and obey it, the louder it will get! The more you do not heed that little voice, the more difficult your passage through life will be!"

Among the native North American Indians, this advice has been followed for thousands of years. When a shaman or warrior wants to learn his song, he'll go in to the forest or desert (away from the rest of the tribe) for a time and there, he will hear his song on the wings of the Rushing Wind.

There is much that we can learn from our native brothers and sisters and this, I believe, is one of the greatest things they can teach us - how to listen to that still, quiet voice, the Divine within and without as well as the Higher-self and to nature; the universal mind and the earth soul! When you can listen to that still small voice it will teach you much about many things. It will guide you throughout your life and if you choose to give someone a reading, it will tell you what you need to know about that person.

In conclusion, a reading is a means to:

  1. Confirm what you already know;
  2. It will give you helpful hints and suggestions that you can follow in your passage of life. And
  3. You may learn of upcoming events that you'll look forward to with great expectation or perhaps you may be warned of events that may not be pleasant for you. In this case remember... forewarned is forearmed.

Remember that the choices you make or do not make will effect the results of your reading. Readings are fun, informative and can be educational so enjoy your self and go for a reading: you won't regret it. Whether you believe in them or not you will be entertained and perhaps you'll find out about many things of which you are curious about!

This material may not be reproduced in any form (written/audio/internet) without the written permission of Peace of Soul Enterprises. Copyright 1999. Matthew Z. SeredaSole proprietor

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